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About us

Fortified Nation Clothing was founded by veterans and athletes alike that live and breathe fitness while defending the freedoms of our country.

You may be wondering, another apparel e-commerce website, why Fortified Nation? By definition, to fortify means to strengthen mentally or physically to protect it against attack. 

We all know clothing is a way to express our personality and what we have passion for. More importantly, we know high quality apparel is important to keep your performance at its best, all the time. Our mission is to combine these.

We are a veteran-owned, athlete-driven clothing company that love to show the American pride as well as picking up weighted barbells and throwing down in a workout. In fitness (particularly CrossFit® and weightlifting), we grow stronger mentally and physically everyday which allows us to perform our duties better and improve our quality of life. 

This is what Fortified Nation is. It is a better, stronger you. A better, stronger America

Are you a Fortified Athlete? Express it.